ALTAI - EU Trustworthy AI Checklist


by: European Commission - High-Level Expert Group on AI 


Description from their site: 

The Assessment List for Trustworthy Artificial Intelligence (ALTAI), is a practical tool that helps business and organisations to self-assess the trustworthiness of their AI systems under development.

The concept of Trustworthy AI was introduced by theHigh-Level Expert Group on AI (AI HLEG) in the Ethics Guidelines for Trustworthy Artificial Intelligence (AI) and is based on seven key requirements:

  1. Human Agency and Oversight;
  2. Technical Robustness and Safety;
  3. Privacy and Data Governance;
  4. Transparency;
  5. Diversity, Non-discrimination and Fairness;
  6. Environmental and Societal well-being; and
  7. Accountability.

The AI HLEG translated these requirements into a detailed Assessment List, taking into account feedback from a six month long piloting process within the European AI community. Furthermore, to demonstrate the capability of such an Assessment List the Vice-Chair of the AI HLEG and his team at the Insight Centre for Data Analytics at University College Cork, developed a prototype web based tool, to practically guide developers and deployers of AI through an accessible and dynamic checklist.